We want to know your goals, your ambitions and what coaching assistance you need to achieve them.

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You're successful

You may have already found success in your career yet feel unsatisfied with your results, unable to take yourself to the next level.

You're stuck

Maybe you feel stuck with where you are in life right now, experiencing brain fog or even crippled by stress, anxiety or depression.

The Work Life Coach can help you

Not just a life coach, but a Master NLP Life Coach with 25 years experience transforming the performance of people and businesses.

Someone who understands how to facilitate change in what you think, how you feel and how you behave.

Talking theories don’t work unless you change something at the core of your operating system.

Our How to Begin programme starts straight away with work on what you think, how you feel and how you behave.


We don’t do long drawn out therapy, we do rapid transformation.

You're achieving

You may be achieving your goals at work, to the cost of your health or happiness in life, not sleeping and living in fight or flight.

You're different

Your friends and family may think you have the perfect life, but you feel differently and you can't quite say why.

These are the two packages that can help you begin your journey

How to Begin: A Better Working Life

Mapping your start, your finish and your journey!
  • This is an online course aimed to help you reflect on where you have come from and set a future vision of yourself. It gets you to the start line, help you to set your plan for transformation and gives you a method of reviewing your progress to help hold yourself to account.