Everyone has the power to be who they want, we only unlock what is already within

“Life changing stuff!  When I first approached Thomas I had very fixed ideas of where I needed to get to and, looking back, had set myself an unrealistic timescale to get there.  For the first time in my career, and as a result of the coaching process, I gave myself permission to pause, reflect and identify what an amazing work/life balance looks like.  Wins were celebrated, confidence built, and rewarding career plans formed.  Thomas works with intelligence and humour, his knowledge of business combined with wellbeing is invaluable.  What felt like a mountain to climb was broken down into manageable and ambitious goals.  I am excited about the journey ahead…..family life, health and work.”

Natalie T.


“I was personally extremely in need of a coach who could help me build up my confidence in public speaking as well as presentation skills.  Within 15 minutes of being coached by him, I got clarity about what I should do and how to maintain and nurture my confidence.  I will advise anybody who is in need of building their confidence, go to Thomas to be coached and your life will be transformed!”

Eella I.


“Thomas Hattersley founder of the Work Life Coach organisation is an industry leader when it comes to offering a competitive and highly effective range of work life services.  You will struggle to find anyone who has as much to offer their clients as Thomas Hattersley.  I highly recommend him.”

Mark S.