Your nearest life coach might not be your most local.

When you search for ‘life coach near me’ you are, most likely, looking for convenience and proximity, but your need for closeness may be more than just geographical. The most local life coach to you is not necessarily the best life coach for you.

Life coaches come in all flavours and sizes. You might live next door to a celebrity coach big enough to have a YouTube and Insta following in the hundreds of thousands, but even if they have time to see you, it doesn’t mean to say that you will gel with them to get the best possible outcomes. Life coaching is a matter of personal interactions, after all.

If you are searching for a ‘Life Coach Near Me’ then you probably want to work with someone face-to-face. I understand why you feel that way. It’s because you are used to going to see a doctor or dentist who all, like state schools, your council tax and the limits of your library card, are tied to your postcode.

It’s a similar story with your favourite restaurant, or your favourite shop – as long as they meet or exceed a threshold of cleanliness or convenience, the next thing you filter for is accessibility, and that means proximity.

Well, good life coaches don’t have catchment areas.

The preference for face-to-face contact is often little more than a learnt pattern of behaviour. The point of learning this kind of pattern of behaviour is an evolutionary trick to keep you safe.

So, one of the most important things to look for when looking for a life coach is going to be someone you trust, someone you understand and, most importantly, someone who understands you.

The Work Life Coach may be the life coach near you. As a certified life coach, my mission is to help you unlock your full potential for success in work and maximum happiness in life. If you feel stuck on your journey and don’t know how to move forward, it doesn’t matter where you are geographically, you’re in the right place.

My passion is for helping people overcome adversity and enabling them to fly.  My clients say I see possibilities where others see issues; I help them to navigate the right path when the route is unclear.

My Life Coaching programmes are based on more than rhetoric, passion, and positivity.

They are built on real business experience and an understanding of the mind. I can help you get unstuck. I can help you unlock your full potential. Through personalised coaching programmes, you get clarity and focus on where you want to be. Together, we create a road map to get you there.

It’s striking to me just how much the language of self-improvement and empowerment is about journeys and yet, here we are discussing how far we don’t want to go.

If you are looking for “a life coach near me”, then I assume there is an aspect of your life that you want to change.  So, let’s start by changing some of those misconceptions about physical face-to-face and speak with me on the phone first. Who knows, we could hit it off and your journey to change your life forever could start right now.