Release your future, using your mind, body and spirit.

Put that dreamcatcher down because holistic life coaching really works. It may have a faint whiff of the New Age about it, but the world itself has moved steadily towards the idea of whole system thinking, so why should something as complex and intricate as the human mind deserve any less?

Holistic life coaching is an integrated approach to the complex, intricate and unique person that is you. It addresses your work life, your personal life, your health and your wealth and it seeks to help you to find more flow and balance in everything you do. It considers the performance of your body, the focus and clarity of your mind and builds your work life performance into the perfect state of balance and flow.

Holistic life coaching is valuable because not everyone is the same – a fact that particularly applies to learning. We all take on information in different ways – this is bad news for you if your style does not match your tutor’s style, but good news if you’ve ever wondered why a particular subject or idea is difficult to learn. We should always strive to learn and grow but wasting time and our energies on a learning style that does not suit us is frustrating. Therefore, choosing a Master Practitioner of NLP is important for your holistic life coach because we can sense and adapt to our clients’ differing learning styles.

Another aspect of life coaching in general that can aid learning is that of enabling you to learn in the first place. Amongst all that complexity and intricacy built into the mind lie a suite of self-sabotaging behaviours. We all have them, they are nothing to be ashamed of – once we have the tools to overcome them, we can deal with such behaviours. For example – do you sit up late into the night working on tomorrow’s presentation or a big day at college or work? It turns out that you are better off going to sleep – not because it’s something your mum would tell you, but because it makes scientific sense. Every night when we sleep, our brain sets about sorting out the connections it wants to reinforce and the ones that are less important. Dunked your tie in your coffee today? That’s funny, but not important. Learned how to do something in your life which could change your life for the better? That’s a keeper, right there. You only do this in deep sleep, there’s no better way to memorise something than to sleep soundly on it.

I can help you with holistic life coaching and, by extension, help you find the best way to learn. Your first step, however, shouldn’t be to ‘sleep on it’ but try instead to speak with me on the phone. We are different and it’s very much a matter of personal choice, so we should explore if we are suited to one another first.