Achieve More in Your Workplace by Following These Productivity Tips

Whether you’re working remotely or not, you are probably looking to increase productivity.  Staying on track with your tasks can be difficult, especially after the holidays. Work might have piled up during those limited days of freedom, and now you have to do your best to catch up. 

And to top it all off, you might have not even gotten the rest you needed, so you feel tired and unmotivated.  

Now, this is just one possible scenario, but feeling unproductive at work can happen even to the best of us. You can feel like you are not reaching your daily goals or not taking the necessary steps towards your dream position, and this can be really disheartening. 

Luckily, there are certain things you can do to motivate yourself and achieve more in your daily work life. 


Less Is More

Sure, it may sound crazy when you want to increase productivity, however less is sometimes more.  Taking on new, challenging tasks might impress your manager, but it might not be sustainable long-term. This is why you should be careful with what assignments you accept and how many you want to be in charge of. 

If you know that you already have your hands full, then refuse anything else your employer might send your way. Or, if you can, delegate the tasks to some of your coworkers. Remember, if you try to juggle with more balls than you can, you will end up dropping all of them on the ground.

But maybe you already have too much on your plate and you feel like your work just keeps increasing in difficulty. This is a sign that you need to have a discussion with your manager. Inform them of your limits and tell them that if things don’t change, you will not be able to offer the qualitative services they have been accustomed to.


Have a Good Relationship With Your Colleagues 

You don’t just see your colleagues daily, but also have to work with these people. And if you won’t get to know them a bit better and have cordial relationships with them, then collaborations will not come easy. 

Just as an example, imagine you’re still in school and you had to do a group project with a bunch of people you didn’t know. You try to split the tasks equally and work on them as a team, but things just don’t go your way. 

The people in your group are not cooperating and they are not taking any of your advice, so you end up pitching in and doing some extra work. And in the end, everybody receives a good grade, but not everybody put in the same amount of effort. 

Now, in a well-established department, this won’t happen. Working together with your team members will come naturally when you know your colleagues a bit better and have already gained their respect.

Also, having good relationships with most people from your department will definitely be a big bonus when the opportunity for a promotion arises. 


Increase Productivity By Up-Skilling Yourself

If your company is big on offering new training programs and courses, then take advantage of that. Either polish existing skills that you have, or go ahead and learn some new ones!  Up-skilling is an easy way to increase productivity in your working life.

Chances are that some of these training programs are either in different cities, so you also have the opportunity to travel and see some new places. Sign up for any training program that might come your way and just enjoy the learning process.

This will not only help you evolve as a professional, but it will also let your employers know that you are serious about your job and that you would be interested in a career development.


Organise Yourself Better To Increase Productivity

For many, this will come as no surprise as a way to increase productivity. You have probably heard this time and time again. But it is ultimately the truth. Now, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there that are thriving from doing things spontaneously, with no organisation involved.

But most of the time, people need to organize their thoughts and efforts so they can pursue different goals. If you noticed that a lack of order is not working out for you, then maybe it’s time for you to try prioritizing and sorting out your assignments. 

Some useful tricks when it comes to time management and organisation are:

  • Make daily to-do lists
  • Tackle one goal at a time
  • Take care of challenging tasks at the beginning of the week or day 
  • Keep your desk clean and your computer files organized 
  • Keep your phone away while you’re working


Offer and Accept Feedback

Feedback is important in any field. When you receive feedback, you get to know what you’re doing right and what you can improve. You should always be open to feedback when it comes from a supervisor or from a coworker that has more experience than you. 

Not only that, but you should actively seek to improve your work habits based on the feedback you receive. This is another trait that will help you reach a leadership position.

Offering feedback is just as important. As you grow, you want your team to grow with you, so try to review your colleagues’ work and suggest some pointers, especially if they are newer in the company. 


Ask for Help

When things become too much, don’t shy away from asking for help. And the best-qualified person to give that help is definitely a life coach. 

To achieve more in your workplace and concentrate on your job, you need to have everything balanced out. This includes your personal life and your physical and mental health as well. A life coach can help you in all of these departments. 

So while you’re working on your career, you will also learn how to:

  • live healthily 
  • balance your personal life and your work life
  • achieve your goals 

If you’re not persuaded that a life coaching can help you, then let’s have a chat. Contact me, have a few sessions, and check out if a life coach is that one thing you need in your life right now.