Feeling Stuck? A Work-Life Coach Can Move You Forward in Your Career

Ever wondered how a work-life coach can help you? Maybe you just feel stuck, without any motivation to do better and move forward in your career?

Now, you can feel like this once in a while. But being stuck with that kind of mentality is damaging. Not only to your career but also to your mental health. So how can you change your attitude, feeling fulfilled with much success? Let’s find out!

A Work-Life Coach Can Help You Set Your Goals

It might seem like a lot of extra work to write something down when you can just as easily store it in your brain, right? but studies have shown that people who vividly describe their goals and write them down are more likely to achieve them.

I write all my goals down, picturing the type of life I want to live. It’s all happening in due time.

Think of goals that can be accomplished this year in line with the long-term outcomes you are looking to enjoy. 

After you think of what you might want to accomplish this year, make sure you put everything on paper. After you do that, try to put those resolutions in a place where you can see them once in a while, if not daily.  Having a concrete reminder of what you’re seeking to achieve will help you focus.

If you would like some more help, Elizabeth Saunders has a great article here entitled Stop Setting Goals You Don’t Actually Care About.

Improve Your Skills 

Unfortunately, most companies don’t invest in the development and wellbeing of their employees, which leaves people doing the same thing, day in and day out, feeling stuck.

You go to work, do your job, come home, and the next day the whole process is repeated. It can leave you feeling unfulfilled as things become monotonous. 

This is the time when you need to change something. If you plan on staying at your current job, try seeing if there are conferences you could attend or if you could get new responsibilities. You could check in with your direct supervisor and see if they could organize some coaching sessions or meetings that help and empower the employees. Looking up some helpful courses that you could pay for from your own pocket is also an option.

You can also take a look at what promotions are available and see how you can achieve them. Once you become more involved in your job, your employers notice the difference, and it repays your efforts and level of involvement.

Try Something New

Sometimes, the job we have is no longer satisfying us, and then perhaps we find out that thing that gets you buzzed up and excited to wake up in the morning. 

As mentioned, many companies don’t do much for their employees. They don’t offer them new and exciting opportunities, nor do they give them a chance to evolve. So if you think you have all the knowledge and skill that you can get from your current workplace, then start looking for something else. 

Or maybe you like the company, but you aren’t very thrilled about the job you have. The solution here is to check if you could be trained in another domain and be transferred to another department. If the company you’re working for allows such things, then definitely go ahead with that. 

There’s also the possibility that you’re just sick of your current job. Maybe you don’t like being an accountant anymore. Perhaps it is time to figure out what gives you meaning, with the transferable skills gained over the years, you could soar. Investing in yourself to be better through certified courses. There really is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Bottom Line

Finding the motivation to set out some goals and stick to them is hard. But the rewards are great. Flexibility, more time with the family and living life on your own terms, staying fulfilled. 

 A work-life coach will be helping you prioritize certain departments in your life and continue to push you to reach your goals, no matter what these goals might be. 

So start the second half of the year right with the help of The Work-Life Coach and Contact Me!