Through our programmes, we believe that every team is capable of unlocking their full potential.

You may already have a team which you would like to transform into a High Performing Team, or be an Entrepreneur wishing to build your ideal business.  We know what it take to create high performance after years of direct leadership across multiple sectors in many industries.

High Performing Team – Workshop & Coaching Programme

For any organisation, there are huge gains to be had from developing a High Performing Team (HPT) environment.   It helps organisations to unlock their full potential and outperform the competition.  By creating a HPT, it allows an organisation to approach new opportunities, challenges and unknowns with greater speed, accuracy and effectiveness.

With an analysis of your team performance, along with group workshops and 1-2-1 coaching sessions, we can help you improve your organisational performance by focusing on your HPT culture.

Good for:

  • Business start-ups looking to create the right team culture from the start, where there is a focus on goal setting and mutual accountability.
  • Dysfunctional teams, that have drifted into individual directions and need clarity on their purpose, goals and options to define a common way forward and increase organisational traction.
  • High Performing Teams that want to level up to become an Extraordinary Performing Team (EPT).

After completing an initial team effectiveness survey, we can establish how to work with business leaders to take team performance to the next level on their HPT journey, with the necessary number of workshops / coaching sessions you require.  The sessions are developed around core principles for a HPT, with the flexibility to adapt each session to the needs of the team on their HPT journey.

A typical programme would include the following:

  • Completion of a Team Effective Survey by each team member, prior to the first workshop
  • Review of Team Effectiveness Survey results with leader to design appropriate first workshop session
  • Individual monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions to support individual into the transformation of high performance

Example workshop content:

  • Introduction to the concept of High Performing Teams with a full team review of the summary of the Team Effectiveness Survey results
  • Review functionality areas for HPT (Expectations, Organisation, Process, Relationships) to identify requirement for future success
  • Facilitated GROW sessions – Goal alignment, Reality check, Options creation and Way forward to form the team and agree direction
  • Facilitated monthly management meetings to convert actionless “talking-shops” into outcome and action focused leadership reviews

Optional add-ons:

  • Monthly coaching sessions for underperforming team members (only available following initial workshop)
  • 360 degree feedback to support team members development

Entrepreneur Mentoring - Strategy Workshop

For new life coaches, business start-ups or small organisations.  We transfer 20+ years of business transformation, new business start up and high performing team knowledge into your business plans in this 0.5 day workshop.  With optional monthly coaching & mentoring sessions we can help you to make a success of your business.

Good for:

  • Business start-ups looking for investment or a clear business plan to achieve profitability in the shortest time possible
  • SME’s looking to validate their thinking and create a clear strategy on a page enabling clear and concise deployment
  • Life coaches new to the industry or struggling to get their practice up and running
  • Inventors and idea creators who have a great product or service but lack the knowledge to take it to market
  • Large organisations can find business transformation consulting from our sister company Tomcio Ltd

Each session is bespoke to you the client, however as an outline a typical half day sessions will include the following:

  • Evaluation of current value propositions and creation of a VP on a page for each product group or service
  • Evaluation of current business plan and creation of a business model canvas to simplify outcomes and planning steps
  • Critical analysis and thought-provoking debate of Values, Vision and Strategy comparative to the business plan
  • Outcome focused strategy deployment plan with SMART goals set to assure success

Optional add-ons

  • Monthly mentoring and coaching (only available following initial workshop) – £375
  • Market trend, customer insight and brand workshop – £POA